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Become a Partner

We are currently looking for photo studios that are willing to become a partner.
"Hi Cheese!" takes photographs with a digital single-lens reflex camera and then sells and delivers the photographs.
Please feel free to contact us!

The Procedure of Hi Cheese!

"Hi Cheese! (" is a service that publishes and sells photos on the internet.

Photo Selling of "Past" = Wall Hanging Method Hi Cheese! = Internet Method
  • Location and time of limited
  • Limit on the number of published, limits on how to shoot
  • Short sales period
  • 24 hours anytime, anywhere. Even distant relatives are OK.
  • More than 1,000 photos on average. There is also a close-up photo of the individual.
  • Shooting about once a month. Also taking day-to-day situation.
  • After shooting, it published after 4 days in the shortest. Therefore, you're not lost interested!
Photo studio
  • The trouble of publishing photos
  • The trouble of sales and collection
  • The trouble of printing arrangement
  • The trouble of classification and distribution
  • "Hi Cheese!" substitute for all

Please feel free to contact us!

Inquiries about a Partner