Photo Size Sample

Please understand that they are our standard sizes.

Photo Prints

Size Dimensions(mm) Remarks
L 89x127 The most popular size
Square 89x89 Trendy square format
KG 102x152 Postcard
2L 127x178
2LW 127x190 Slightly larger than a postcard
Print your favorite pictures in this size!
GG 127x216
8PW 165x247
A4 210x297 Same size as the notes
6PW 203x305

It is estimated. It is not the same as the actual print size.


Size px Remarks
Download 1800x1200

When printing photos, you can print up to the following print sizes based on the downloaded photo size.

1800x1200 : This size is accessible to at a maximum of 2LW (127mm x 190mm) in photo print.
3600x2400 : This size is accessible to at a maximum of 6LW (203mm x 305mm) in photo print.

※The size of downloaded photos varies depending on the organization you belong to or the event.